6 DoF Robotic ARM

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    Microcontroller: Academic block-1, 1st floor MIT, Manipal


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Robotic Arm is a 5 Axis robotic Arm + Servo Gripper. It uses 7 metal gear servo motors with 15Kg/cm torque and two servo motors with 7Kg/cm torque.
Robot Arm has 5 degrees of freedom which includes: Base rotation, Shoulder rotation, Elbow rotation, Wrist pitch and roll. Out of which Shoulder rotation, Elbow rotation, Wrist pitch have two 15Kg/cm torque servo motors in parallel for giving additional torque.
Robotic arm comes pre-assembled along with the servo control card, servo motion profile generator GUI, 5V-25A, 12V-5A SMPS and Flex sheets with polar and rectangular coordinate systems for the robotic arm. Servo motion profile generator GUI installed on our PC is used for quickly generating servo motion profile for the robot. GUI can access each servo motor individually in real-time. We can select individual servo motor’s velocity. We can also generate, edit and play motion sequence (motion profile) using GUI. The communication between Dexter ER2 and PC can be done by either wired (USB cable) or wireless mode (Pair of ZigBee).

Number of Axes 5 axes plus servo gripper
Axis 1: Base rotation -180°
Axis 2: Shoulder rotation* - 180°
Axis 3: Elbow rotation - 180°
Axis 4: Wrist pitch - 180°
Axis 5: Wrist roll - 180°
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