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    Dept. of Medical Genetics, KMC Manipal


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1. Mini Gel Tank:
The Invitrogen Mini Gel Tank has a side-by-side tank design allowing one to perform electrophoresis of 1 or 2 mini gels. The two separate gel chambers allow use of less running buffer, only using buffer needed for each gel. The forward facing well configuration makes it easy to load samples. The Mini Gel Tank is compatible will all Invitrogen precast mini gels and SureCast handcast mini gels. The Mini Blot Modules enable one to perform wet transfers in the same tank.
2. Power Blotter–Semi-dry Transfer System:
Designed for rapid 5–10 minute semi-dry transfer of proteins from polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes, the Invitrogen Power Blotter utilizes an integrated power supply, LCD touchscreen, and pre-programmed, optimized transfer protocols.
3. iBright™ FL1500 Imaging System:
Capture images and analyzes data from western blots and gels efficiently and easily with the Invitrogen iBright FL1500 Imaging System. This high-performance instrument enhances the imaging experience through powerful hardware, advanced automated technologies, and an interface that is easy to use for researchers of all experience levels.
The iBright FL1500 Imaging System supports the main imaging applications of fluorescent, chemiluminescent, and colorimetric western blots, in addition to fluorescent stained nucleic acid gels, fluorescent stained protein gels, colorimetric stained protein gels, and colorimetric membrane stains.
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