Centre for Advanced Learning in Finance and Accounting

Organization profile

Centre for Advanced Learning in Finance and Accounting was launched on 1st February 2016 with the vision of Achieving excellence in Finance and Accounting studies, research and student learning. The mission of the centre is to diffuse knowledge that empowers the aspirants to develop, support and steward Financial and Accounting education and to provide a gateway to gain specialized knowledge that sets them apart from the competition


  1. Certification programs: Conducting certification programs in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Risk management in collaboration with reputed institutions
  2. Training: Experimental learning and training for students / faculty
  3. Collaboration: Encourage multidisciplinary collaboration with foreign universities and international agencies for joint collaboration
  4. Research: Scope for research in the areas of Finance / Accounting / Insurance and Risk Management and to provide opportunities to integrate teaching, training and research.