Organization profile

Organisation profile


Marketing, being a dynamic discipline, has continuously evolved into new channels and modes of connecting with prospective customers. The traditional marketing concepts are undergoing a paradigm change resulting into innovative, advanced techniques which has moved marketers closer to their consumers. Few such innovative marketing advances are micro-targeting, application of data analytics in designing marketing strategies, focus on consumer engagement and emphasis on social media in marketing strategy. There is a need to share, deliberate and internalize these innovative approaches in marketing, from the theoretical and applied perspective, which would yield into knowledge development and knowledge dissemination. The aim of this center is to be a Center of excellence in the sphere of knowledge development and knowledge dissemination, within the domain of marketing. The objectives of the center are as follows :


· To serve as an interface between industry and academia, and function for mutual benefit

· To develop a strong industry linkage to source sponsored projects

· To identify emerging research issues in the field of marketing and provide focus for such funded research

· To facilitate knowledge dissemination among practitioners, educators and students

The activities of the center revolve around the following broad themes :

· Providing experiential learning opportunities to students from real time marketing challenges encountered by practitioners

· Inviting prominent experts in the marketing domain, form academia and industry, to disseminate knowledge on key updates

· Organizing continuous education programs to ensure educators and practitioners are abreast to the topical advances in the domain of marketing

· Undertaking research endeavors that involve developing & application of emerging research paradigms and techniques to various business problems