Organization profile

Organisation profile

The Centre for Software Development (CSD) an initiative under MU, is an in-house industry standard software development centre housed at School of Information Sciences, Manipal was setup in the year 2013. The aim of the CSD is to:


  1. Specialize in development of software solutions to IT needs of Manipal University that would provide cost effective, end user specific, customizable and expandable solutions developed in-house.
  2. Train the Faculty Members on Project Management skills so that we can take IT projects delivery on a permanent basis, as well as utilize the project execution experience in better delivery of our lectures.
  3. Support Internships to students (both MU and non-MU) providing the opportunity to work on live projects on various technologies covering the entire life cycle of a typical IT project, thereby enhancing overall problem solving skills of the students which will help them to be Industry Ready.
  4. Conduct workshops of effective project implementation to budding practitioners of Software Engineering.
  5. Provide a platform for faculty & students to incubate such activities thereby creating employment opportunities.
  6. Explore business potential outside Manipal group there by creating value for the existing solutions in the years to come.


The center also collaborates with of ISD, Manipal & works in a joint development mode or in an independent mode as required.