Organization profile

Organisation profile

India is urbanizing at a fast pace and at a massive scale. To tackle the increasing complexities of urbanization and to move towards a more inclusive and sustainable society, it is important we comprehensively understand the urban dynamics, inbuilt interdependencies, and related challenges and issues before we explore, debate and suggest possible solutions.


Understanding issues of such complexities essentially needs a multidisciplinary approach. Centre for Urban Studies was thus established under Manipal Academy of Higher Education in December 2016 as the University has a strong base in economics, urban development, urban sociology, engineering, public health, qualitative and quantitative research, management and other relevant fields to take up the research works.


 To become a nodal point for undertaking research works related to various urban issues as well as capacity building of the stakeholders.


  • To conduct research works on issues related to urban structure, urban growth, health, safety, environment, urban resources, basic services, affordable housing and others
  • To continually engage citizens, government bodies and other stakeholders through interactive sessions on various urban issues for greater understanding of the same
  • To disseminate knowledge gained through publications, seminars, conferences
  • To undertake outreach programs for capacity building of stakeholders
  • To undertake summer/winter schools and workshops
  • To introduce interdisciplinary graduate and certificate courses



Prof. Sanghamitra Roy,