Development of low-cost thin film solar cells using Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 as absorber layer

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Present solar cell photovoltaic market is hugely dependent on c-Si and pc-Si wafer technology around 80% and these techniques rely on the indirect band gap absorber materials. Materials like c-Si and pc-Si, CdTe and CIGS are the most prominent in the solar market today. They are facing the problems such as rigidity and production cost of c-Si and pc-Si, the toxicity of Cadmium, non-abundance of Indium and Tellurium in the earth’s crust making them cost higher. Hence there is an extensive search for the materials which are abundant, nontoxic, low-cost and support the terawatt (TW) scale photovoltaic generation shortly. CZTS/Se is emerging as a promising material in today’s PV market as a solar absorber. The elements that constitute CZTS/Se are abundant, economical and environmentally innocuous.

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Funding agency with sanction number and date: DST-Science and Engineering Research Board [SERB], Govt. of India. .[S. No: 2017/EMR/002575], June 11, 2018
Effective start/end date01-04-1831-03-21