Electron beam irradiation effect on electrical switching properties of glass chalcogenides

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Amorphous GeTe and GeSbTe thin films deposited by thermal evaporation exhibit good amorphous stability and remains in non-crystalline state irrespective of electron beam irradiation delivered with different doses. Electron irradiation induces changes in the structural and optical properties of GeTe and GeSbTe thin films. Morphological analysis shows that surface roughness increases at lower doses while it decreases for higher doses due to micro structural rearrangement in the nearest and next neighbors of atoms. It is also observed that irradiation causes a decrease and an increase in optical band gap and the refractive index of GeTe and GeSbTe thin films which may be correlated to change in surface roughness observed by AFM analysis. Raman spectroscopy measurements on these anti-crystalline thin films exhibit remarkable change in relative intensity. These studies indicate that impact of electron irradiation results in bond rearrangement, chemical order/disorder and increase in the GeTe and GeSbTe bonds of higher energy.

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Funding Agency: BRNS, DAE Govt. of India
Amount: Rs. 12,60,000
Effective start/end date01-04-1131-03-15