Investigation of potential alternatives for window layer to improve the efficiency of CdTe based solar cells

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Thin film heterojunctions being inexpensive and having reasonable efficiency, remains consistent contender among the armory of photovoltaic industry. Research work was aimed at improving the efficiency of thermal evaporated CdTe based solar cells by tuning the properties of the window layer. It has proved that compared to CdS single layer window, bilayer window with a wider band gap leads to better performance of the cell. In order to achieve this goal, initially individual layers of ZnS, CdS and CdTe had been studied in detail aiming at improving their properties for solar cell application.

Layman's description

Funding Agency: KFIST Level I – VGST, Govt. of Karnataka India
Amount: Rs. 20,00,000
Effective start/end date01-06-1531-03-19