The study of effects of radiation on Eu2O3 doped lead fluoroborate Glasses

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The Rare-Earth [RE] (Eu3+ & Sm3+) doped lead fluoroborate glasses are studied thoroughly before and after electron beam as well as gamma rays irradiated over the same. The pressing need of the hour is a desirable immobile matrix for fixation of High Level Nuclear Waste [HLW]. The candidate matrix for immobilization of the waste should be able to accommodate all the active and inactive components of the waste and bind them in the structure of the matrix so as to achieve the required isolation. The pressing need requires high density samples with minimum volume which is satisfied by the above glass matrices. The glass samples possess good thermal and radiation stability over extended period of time which was studied through Differential Scanning Calorimetry [DSC] technique. The leaching of the radiations are observed to be minimum which manifests the chemical durability of the glasses. The hardness values of the samples showed good mechanical strength and shock resistant that is advisable for transportation or storage of HLW. The color measurement done on Eu3+ doped samples revealed the orange – red emissions, which could be proposed in preparing phosphor materials. This color measurement technique also disclosed the color centers in the samples after electron beams and gamma rays irradiation. Hunter L values were observed to be decreased after irradiation and this was related with energy band gap values, which was found to be reduced. The displacements or color centers studied after irradiation did not compromise on the stability and optical properties of the RE doped samples. Hence, the RE doped glass samples not only improves the optical properties but also the thermal as well as the chemical durability which turns to be useful in the field of optics and photonics and also in HLW storage.

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DAE-BRNS, Govt. of India, S.No: 2012/34/17/BRNS/872, 11th June 2012
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