Étude cadavérique des variations de l'artère iliaque externe et de ses implications en traumatologie et en radiologie

Translated title of the contribution: A cadaveric study of variations of external iliac artery and its implication in trauma and radiology

S. Badagabettu Nayak, A. Padur Aithal, N. Kumar, D. Regunathan, P. Shetty, P. Alathady Maloor

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Objectives: A severe and potentially lethal complication in pelvic injuries is arterial bleeding commonly involving the iliac arteries. Hence, the objective of our study was to systematically document the morphology and variations of the external iliac artery in human cadaveric pelvises. Materials and methods: Study was conducted on 48 pelvic halves which were obtained by making mid-line saw cuts through formalin embalmed adult human male cadaveric pelvises. The external iliac artery was cleaned, its length and diameter were measured using a scale. Following parameters were noted: variations of the external iliac artery in terms of its location, course, termination, relations with other vessels and variations in its branching pattern. Results: Variations related to the morphology and branching pattern of the external iliac artery was observed in 20 hemipelvises (42%). Nine (19%) hemipelvises showed morphological variations of the artery (looped, tortuous, curved, twisted or ‘S’ shaped). Variations in the branching pattern of the artery were seen in 6 (13%) hemipelvises and the artery was superficial or medial to the external iliac vein in 5 (10%) hemipelvises. Mean length of the artery was 10 cm on the right and 9.9 cm on the left side of the pelvis. Its mean diameter was 0.94 mm on the right and 0.99 mm on left side. Conclusion: Diagnostic and interventional radiologic procedures on the pelvic arteries are becoming more frequent, and hence in here, we have performed the morphological study of the external iliac artery is necessary to guide interventional procedures.

Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)24-31
Number of pages8
Issue number341
Publication statusPublished - 01-03-2019


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  • Anatomy

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