A novel method for blood volume estimation using trivalent chromium in rabbit models

Prathap Moothamadathil Baby, Pramod Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Sanu S. Jacob, Dinesh Rawat, V. S. Binu, Kalesh M. Karun

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Background: Blood volume measurement though important in management of critically ill-patients is not routinely estimated in clinical practice owing to labour intensive, intricate and time consuming nature of existing methods. Aims: The aim was to compare blood volume estimations using trivalent chromium [ 51 Cr(III)] and standard Evans blue dye (EBD) method in New Zealand white rabbit models and establish correction-factor (CF). Materials and Methods: Blood volume estimation in 33 rabbits was carried out using EBD method and concentration determined using spectrophotometric assay followed by blood volume estimation using direct injection of 51 Cr(III). Twenty out of 33 rabbits were used to find CF by dividing blood volume estimation using EBD with blood volume estimation using 51 Cr(III). CF is validated in 13 rabbits by multiplying it with blood volume estimation values obtained using 51 Cr(III). Results: The mean circulating blood volume of 33 rabbits using EBD was 142.02 ± 22.77 ml or 65.76 ± 9.31 ml/kg and using 51 Cr(III) was estimated to be 195.66 ± 47.30 ml or 89.81 ± 17.88 ml/kg. The CF was found to be 0.77. The mean blood volume of 13 rabbits measured using EBD was 139.54 ± 27.19 ml or 66.33 ± 8.26 ml/kg and using 51 Cr(III) with CF was 152.73 ± 46.25 ml or 71.87 ± 13.81 ml/kg (P = 0.11). Conclusions: The estimation of blood volume using 51 Cr(III) was comparable to standard EBD method using CF. With further research in this direction, we envisage human blood volume estimation using 51 Cr(III) to find its application in acute clinical settings.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)242-248
Number of pages7
JournalIndian Journal of Plastic Surgery
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2014

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