A pilot study on exploring the interior environment of cancer hospital for building healing spaces

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Psychological stress in cancer patients can lead to further growth and spread of tumor. If stress and anxiety remains high in patient, the effect of treatment slows down whereas if the stakeholders remain in stress, it reflects on to the patient and family thereby causing vicious cycle. Healing environment is the overall available or created environment around the patient and healthcare workers (physically or non-physically) that could facilitate recovery or healing process. Currently it is important to look after healing environment that can be used to minimize stress and anxiety among patient, family and also the stakeholders who visit hospital on a regular basis. A mixed quantitative and qualitative study design with structured questionnaires for patient and relatives, a combination of in-depth interviews or unstructured dialogues and focus group discussions for stakeholders was done. The study was done in one of the cancer and research Institute in costal Karnataka with 20 patients. Average age was 47 years (range 32–70), there were 11 females and 9 male. A mean of 11.3 patients showed significant anxiety and mean of 11.1 showed depression among cancer patient when assessed on validated questionnaire. Under ERTC QLQ C30 version 3 scores constipation shows highest (worst) mean score of 91.6. One of the patient complained of seeing insects, which makes them feel sad. They reported photos of God or Goddess or scenery pictures on the walls will make them feel more comfortable. All the stakeholders admitted that hindrance factor is the smell and insects at the work area. It is found that very less attention is given towards the spaces around the patient, which demotivates them. Healthcare worker finds it difficult to work when the environment is not favorable.

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