A Pilot Survey of Warm-Up Practices and Perceptions Among Indian Classical Singers

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Objective: Studies have highlighted the importance of having an adequate vocal warm-up exercise regime for prevention of vocal fold injury among singers. Indian classical singing has several singing exercises aimed at improving vocal range and voice. Thus, a need was felt to survey these singers for the warm-up practices they follow and their perception about them. Study Design: Cross-sectional study design. Methods: A 20-item questionnaire was used comprising of questions on demographic details, vocal warm-up singing, and nonsinging-based practices, perceptions about importance of vocal warm-up, and perceptions about effects of vocal warm-up on voice. Results and Conclusion: Fifty Indian classical singers were surveyed. Sixty-four percent of them used vocal warm-up on a daily basis, whereas the remaining did it weekly. Among the singing-based vocal warm-ups, a combination of different singing notes and scales were most commonly used. The popular nonsinging-based warm-up exercises were breathing practice, humming, and meditation. Overall, the singers had a positive perception of the importance of vocal warm-up. Notably, 94% agreed to the importance of having a vocal warm-up regularly before singing. The findings of the present study will help in understanding the existing vocal warm-up regime and perception of the singers. It will benefit counseling singers regarding vocal hygiene, voice care, and management.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Voice
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2020

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