A report on cmtgim 2012, Manipal international workshop and conference on combinatorial matrix theory and generalized inverses of matrices 02–07 & 10’11 January 2012 department of statistics, Manipal university, Manipal, India

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The objective of the workshop was to provide a platform for the young generationto have an exposure to lecturesfrom leading mathematicians inthe area of Combinatorial Matrix theoryand Generalized inverses and itsApplications. Apart from tutorial lectureon these topics, organizers’ intentionwas to provide an exposure to allparticipants with allied linear algebratopics through some special lectures.To meet these objectives, several tutoriallectures, special lectures, formaland informal discussion hours werearranged. An environment for youngscholars to interact with leading mathematicians was also created on and off thevenue.

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Title of host publicationCombinatorial Matrix Theory and Generalized Inverses of Matrices
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