Additional muscle fibers of brachioradialis with anomalous high origin and entrapment of radial nerve in an osseomuscular canal.

V. Nair, R. V. Nair, R. V. Mookambika, K. G. Mohandas Rao, S. Krishnaraja Somayaji

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Normally, brachioradialis originates from the upper part of the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus. Variations in its origin are very rare. We observed the presence of an additional set of fleshy muscle fibers in the lateral part of the anterior compartment of the arm in addition to the other normal muscles. This unusual case was observed at the Mookambika Institute of Medical Sciences, Kulashekara, Tamil Nadu, India, during routine dissection of the upper limb. The anomalous fleshy fibers were attached proximally to the middle part of the shaft of the humerus, close to the insertion of deltoid. Some of its fibers continued further up to the acromian process of scapula. These fibers passed downwards along with deltoid and joined the fibers from the humerus before getting merged with the brachioradialis distally. These additional muscle fibers were compared with the brachioradialis accessorius and the uniqueness, functional significance and the clinical relevance werediscussed (Fig. 2, Ref. 6). Full Text in PDF

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)622-623
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JournalBratislavské lekárske listy
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 01-12-2012


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