Anthropometry and prevalence of common health problems among school going children in Surathkal, Karnataka

Amitha Rao Aroor, Sathyajith Karanth Airody, Ramnath Mahale, S. R. Ravikiran, Suresh Shetty, Aarathi R. Rao

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Aims: To measure the anthropometric data of school children and to compare with the CDC and Agarwal centile Growth charts. The prevalence of thinness, stunting, overweight and obesity were estimated. Children were also screened for hypertension, refractory errors, dental problems, skin disease and other abnormalities.

Design: Study was conducted in November in a central school in Surathkal, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka. All children from nursery up to 10th standard were screened.

Materials and Methods: Weight and Height were measured using standard equipment and plotted on CDC and Agarwal Charts. BMI was calculated and plotted on both charts. Blood Pressure (BP) was taken using mercury sphygmomanometer by a trained nurse. Vision was tested using Snellens chart by refractionist. Dental evaluation was done by dentist.

Statistical analysis used: Chi-square test and Student’s unpaired t test were used for statistical analysis. A statistical package SPSS version 17.0 were used. P<0.05 was considered as significant.

Results: Total 755 children were screened. Among these 392(51.9%) were females and 363(48.1%) were males. 85(11.3%) children had short stature and 283 (37.5%) had under nutrition when plotted on CDC chart. Values were lower when plotted on Agarwal charts. Thinness was more prevalent than obesity and overweight. Majority were normotensive though hypertension was noted in 6(0.8%) children and prehypertension in 14(1.9%).112 children (16.3%) had undetected refractory error. Common skin disease noted was T.Versicolor in 27 children. Common dental problem noted was Caries teeth (22.9%).

Conclusion: Weight and height were below the CDC centile charts. Under nutrition was more prevalent than overweight and obesity. Majority were normotensive. High prevalence of undetected refractory error and caries teeth were noted. Prevalence of skin disease was low.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)PC01-PC05
JournalJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 05-12-2014

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  • Clinical Biochemistry


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