Clinical importance of tensor fasciae suralis arising from linea aspera along with short head of biceps femoris: A rare anomaly

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Tensor fasciae suralis, also known as ischioaponeuroticus is a clinically relevant muscle variant located in the popliteal fossa. Though rare, when present the muscle may arise from any of the hamstrings and gets inserted to the crural fascia of leg or tendocalcaneus and is innervated by the tibial component of sciatic nerve. Here we report a variant of tensor fasciae suralis originated from the lowermost part of linea aspera along with the fibers of short head of biceps femoris in the left lower limb of a male cadaver aged approximately 58 years. The muscle was 16 cm in length and 1 cm breadth in its widest part. It was found inserted to the crural fascia over the lateral head of gastrocnemius and was found innervated by common peroneal nerve. To the best of our knowledge, the tensor fascia suralis muscle originated from linea aspera along with short head of biceps femoris and innervated by common peroneal nerve has not been reported in either cadaveric or imaging studies.

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JournalAnatomy and Cell Biology
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