Early burn wound excision in 'major' burns with 'pregnancy': A preliminary report

K. Singh, Mita Prasanna

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Burn injury in pregnant patients is not uncommon in developing countries. The results of the management of six pregnant burns patients, admitted during an 18-month period, were analysed. Successful management of burn injuries ranging from 25 to 65 per cent TBSA occurred in patients during the second and third trimester of pregnancy, using early burn wound excision and skin grafting in four patients and by late skin grafting of a granulating wound in one patient. All five patients delivered live babies with no congenital anomalies. One patient with 60 per cent TBSA burns who was unsuitable far early excision, died of septicaemia. This report suggests the need for early burn wound excision and skin grafting in burns patients with pregnancy, in order to improve maternal and fetal survival. However, in developing countries early surgery is not advisable in patients with extensive burns because of the non-availability of biological skin substitutes.

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Publication statusPublished - 01-01-1996
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