Effect of hybridization on the mechanical properties of chopped strand mat/pineapple leaf fibre reinforced polyester composites

Suhas Yeshwant Nayak, Srinivas Shenoy Heckadka, Nishank Minil Amin, Ramakrishna Vikas Sadanand, Linto George Thomas

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Hybridization of synthetic and natural fibres as reinforcement makes the polymer composites environmental friendly and sustainable when compared to synthetic fibres based polymer composites. In this study chopped strand mat/pineapple leaf fibres were hybridized. Four laminates with six layers each, with different stack sequence (GGGGGG, GPPPPG, PGGGGP and PPPPPP) were fabricated using hand layup technique while maintaining a fibre to matrix ratio of 30:70 by weight with polyester resin as matrix. Mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strength were determined and morphology of fractured specimens was studied. Maximum tensile strength of 180 MPa was obtained for the laminate with six layers of chopped strand mat followed by hybrid laminate with four layers of chopped strand mat at the centre (120 MPa). Tensile strength of hybrid laminate with four layers of pineapple leaf fibres at the centre was in third position at 86 MPa. Least tensile strength of 65 MPa was obtained for the laminate with six layers of pineapple leaf fibres. Similar trend was observed in case of flexural behaviour of the laminates with maximum flexural strength of 255 MPa and minimum flexural strength 107 MPa. Scanning electron microscopy of the fractured specimen reinforced with chopped strand mat only, indicated, fibre pull out, matrix cracking and lack of matrix adhesion to fibres. In case of hybrid composite (GPPPPG and PGGGGP) delamination was observed to be prominent due to improper wetting of the pineapple leaf fibres with the matrix. More significant delamination led to lesser strength in case of pineapple fibres reinforced composites even though the fibre pull out was relatively less.

Original languageEnglish
Article number01006
JournalMATEC Web of Conferences
Publication statusPublished - 26-02-2018
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