Effect of single dose of cyclophosphamide on development of gonadal ridge in rats - A priliminary study

Biswabina Ray, Bhagath Kumar Potu

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Effect of single dose of cyclophosphamide(CP) on early gonadal ridge development was investigated histochemically by alkaline phosphatase staining. This may throw some light on the fate of gonadal ridge when exposed to the drug itself or its breakdown products present as environmental pollutant. CP was injected intraperitoneally to pregnant Charles foster rats on day 10 of gestation at 2mg/kg/body weight. Transverse sections of fetus collected on day 16 of gestation (end of organogegesis period) were stained for alkaline phosphatase activity. Gonadal ridge was much smaller in experimental group as compared to control. In control, primordial germ cells were seen to be large circular cells of blackish brown color denoting intense alkaline phosphatase activity. In experimental group, such cells were absent, only homogeneous distribution of light brown cells was observed. CP exposure led to development of small gonadal ridge devoid of germ cells, which is a predecessor of infertile gonad. Therefore, CP and its breakdown products present in environment have detrimental effect on early gonadogenesis.

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Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 18-05-2007
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