Effect of vitamin E pre-treatment on histopathological changes on rat testis following cadmium chloride administration

Rekha D. Kini, Y. Tripathi, C. V. Raghuveer, Sheila R. Pai

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Pollution and industrial practices result in concentration of heavy metals in the environment. Cadmium (Cd) has been recognized as one of the most toxic heavy metals and an environmental pollutant that affect the testis. From the literature it is evident that use of antioxidant in preventing cadmium chloride induced testicular damage is conflicting. So, this study was undertaken to evaluate the role of vitamin E on testicular damage induced by cadmium chloride. Rats were divided into Group I, II, III and IV. Number of rats in each group is 8. The normal control group (Gr. I) rats were administered with the single dose of normal saline intraperitoneally. Group II received Vitamin E (100mg/kg bw) orally for 30days.Group III received a single dose of 2mg/kg bw cadmium chloride and Group IV received vitamin E (100mg/kg bw) for 30 days orally prior to cadmium administration. Testes were fixed in Bouvins fluid and processed for histopathological studies. Rats in group III showed a significant decreases (p<0.001) in standard tubular diameter (462.42±33.2) and epithelial height (37.56±8.13) compared to Gr I (567.62±24.5) and II (561.76±31.6). Rats pretreated with vitamin E (Gr.IV) showed a significant increase in STD (520.73± 45.70) and epithelial height (68.84±7.84) compared to Gr.III (p<0.001).The results showed that vitamin E showed a protective effect against cadmium chloride induced testicular damage. The results of this study may potentiate the antioxidant role of vitamin E in rescuing the testis exposed heavy metals like cadmium.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)874-877
Number of pages4
JournalResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 01-08-2013

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