Equiprime, 3-prime and c-prime fuzzy ideals of nearrings

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In this paper, we present the notions of equiprime fuzzy ideal, 3-prime fuzzy ideal and c-prime fuzzy ideal of a nearring. We characterize these fuzzy ideals using level subsets and fuzzy points. If f : N → M is an onto nearring homomorphism, we show that the map μ → f(μ) defines a one-to-one correspondence between the set of all f-invariant (alternatively with sup property) equiprime (3-prime and c-prime, respectively) fuzzy ideals of N and the set of all equiprime (3-prime and c-prime, respectively) fuzzy ideals of M. Finally, we define fuzzy cosets determined by generalized fuzzy ideals; obtain fundamental results and isomorphism theorems.

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JournalSoft Computing
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Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2009


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