Stiftungen - Ein instrument zur umsetzung strategischer ziele und massnahmen in Public Health

Translated title of the contribution: Foundations - An instrument for implementing strategic targets and interventions in Public Health

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Social innovations are happening in many critical areas. Foundations make an enduring contribution towards increasing access to innovations in public welfare based on the philosophy that believes state-run organizations are neither efficient nor responsive to the people's changing needs. In this sense, foundations help to close the gap by turning hitherto tolerated conditions into problems and claims to action. The effectiveness of voluntary bodies as advocates of change owes much to their informal nature. In Germany, voluntary actions in Public Health are still underrepresented. Therefore, donors should be more supported by state government through adequate regulations. In addition, funders need to concentrate their efforts on the limited number of areas where they can have the greatest impact.

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Publication statusPublished - 03-2000


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