General dental practitioners as potential responders to disaster scenario in a highly disaster-prone area: An explorative study

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Aim: The aim of this study is to obtain insights pertaining to disaster management among Indian general dental practitioners (GDPs). Materials and methods: All GDPs in Mangaluru city, Karnataka, India, were included in the present study. Their willingness to participate in disaster management and their objective knowledge, attitude, behavior, and perceived effectiveness related to disaster management were assessed by a structured, pretested, self-administered questionnaire. Demographic information was also collected. Results: Overall, 101 GDPs volunteered for the study, and 96.04% of respondents were willing to participate in disaster management. Mean knowledge, attitude, behavior, and perceived effectiveness scores were 52.65, 79.60, 41.55, and 64.20% respectively. Religion (odds ratio [OR] = -0.194, p = 0.022), marital status (OR = -0.222, p = 0.040), attachment to college (OR = -0.256, p = 0.037), familiarity with standard operating procedures (SOP; OR = -0.502, p = 0.000), and knowledge (OR = 0.265, p = 0.003) were significant predictors of behavior. Conclusion: The GDPs reported knowledge and behavior scores which were low, while their attitude and willingness to participate were high. Demographic determinants might be critical indicators in disaster management scenario among GDPs. Clinical significance: The present study has crucial implications for policymakers and curriculum changes to integrate dentists effectively into disaster response teams. As responsible members of the society, the dental fraternity has critical contributions to make toward disaster mitigation. Integration of GDPs in a multidisciplinary team managing disasters might be crucial, especially in highly disaster-prone areas, such as India, with a definite paucity of resources.

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JournalJournal of Contemporary Dental Practice
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 01-12-2017


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