Head and neck imaging manifestations in COVID-19: collective experience of 17 months during 2nd wave of the pandemic

Balasubramanian Gurumurthy, Rudresh Hiremath, Anupama Chandrappa, Rakesh Chowkalli Veerabhadrappa, Divya Vishwanatha Kini, Sai Siddartha Kosinepalli

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Background: COVID-19 is well known to result in pulmonary and multiple extra-pulmonary manifestations. Among them, head and neck manifestations were commonly recognized in the 2nd wave of the pandemic. With the growing global COVID-19 burden, imaging is of utmost importance in diagnosing the disease and its related complications. The study aims to enumerate the various head and neck manifestations and their complications in COVID-19. Additionally, in sinusitis patients, the invasion was correlated with the neutrophil–lymphocyte ratio (NLR). Results: A cross-sectional observational study in which total of 78 COVID-19 cases that underwent head and neck imaging were retrospectively evaluated. The cohort included 52 males (66.7%) and 26 females (33.3%) with a mean age of 46.19 years (median = 49.0, SD = 16.47). The various head and neck manifestations included non invasive rhinosinusitis (n = 48), invasive sinusitis and its complications (n = 25), nasal septal abscess (n = 1), dacryoadenitis (n = 1), pre-septal and post-septal orbital cellulitis and its complications (n = 13), otitis media, mastoiditis and its complications (n = 6), parotitis (n = 2), neck vessel thrombosis (n = 2) and cervical lymphadenopathy (n = 3). An increase in the invasive nature of sinusitis was demonstrated among patients with comorbidities and elevated NLR. Conclusions: Early diagnosis and management of head and neck manifestations of COVID-19 are aided by prompt imaging. It is imperative that we are armed with the knowledge of various head and neck manifestations and how they may bear semblance to other pathologies for us to ensure COVID as a differential, especially in the background of known infection.

Original languageEnglish
Article number11
JournalEgyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 12-2023

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  • Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging


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