Herbal Products Regulations in a Few Countries-A Brief Overview

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Herbal medicines have been used by mankind from time immemorial. Moreover, many modern medicines are originated from plant sources. In earlier days, patients were dependent on herbs for treatment and well-being. However, due to the advent of the industrial revolution and modern science, the scenario of treating diseases has changed over a period of time. Majority of patients started preferring allopathy medicines due to their several advantages over herbal medicines. However, due to long term treatment by allopathic medicines for chronic diseases led to side effects, patients are now drifting back to the traditional medicines. Herbal medicines have their own drawbacks, viz., lack of safety and efficacy data, standardization difficulties, not well established legislative controls and a few issues with adverse drug reactions. Drug regulations per se were always the prime focus and they are said to be dynamic. There are a few differences in regulations of herbal drugs among various countries. Regulatory authorities of countries are working to evolve the regulations to govern herbal medicines more effectively. A brief overview of the regulations related to a few developing and developed countries have been dealt here.

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JournalCurrent Drug Discovery Technologies
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