Higher education perspectives for an exciting educational experience - Part IV - An Indian context

B. H.S. Thimmappa

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India needs a large number of people with a wide range of professional skills. It is essential to equip young Indians with specialist knowledge, practical skills and the right attitudes to take the challenges of real life and enable them to make strong contribution to a forward thinking nation. Educational advancement of people, innovative education practices, sustainable educational development, achieving significant improvement, and passing on knowledge to younger generations is essential in the larger interest of the nation. These require more comprehensive educational reforms to bring about perceptible change in the thought process of people and a positive transformation in the society. This will ensure sustained attention to development of the higher education system in this techno-scientific age. There is an urgent priority to take up large scale reforms in the higher education sector to meet the existing and emerging socio-economic challenges and to reach our goal of inexpensive world-class higher education in an efficient way.

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Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2014

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