How I do it: Simple and effortless approach to identify thoracodorsal nerve on axillary clearance procedure

Thant Zin, M. Maw, S. M. Oo, D. R. Pai, R. B. Paijan, M. Kyi

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Breast cancer surgery frequently involves an axillary clearance procedure for nodal metastases. Injury to the thoracodorsal nerve is one of the complications related to the axillary dissection. The thoracodorsal nerve innervates the latissimus dorsi muscle which facilitates in certain movements of the arm. Moreover, it can be used as a nerve graft in long thoracic nerve injury whether in trauma or surgery. Understanding the anatomy structures and good surgical technique in the axillary clearance procedure can identify and prevent such an injury to the thoracodorsal nerve. Here, we demonstrate a simple and effortless technique for identification of the thoracodorsal nerve during axillary surgery. Copyright:

Original languageEnglish
Article number255
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 28-05-2012
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