Medical Malpractice: Rheumatology

T. Kanchan

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Rheumatology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study and management of rheumatic diseases and rheumatologists are the clinicians who specialize in the subject specialty of rheumatology to provide care for patients with rheumatic diseases. Patient care and safety are the cornerstone of good medical practice. Medical malpractice in general refers to negligence on the part of the healthcare provider that often results in litigation/malpractice suits and negligence liability. Errors in diagnosis of a medical condition and adverse effects related to the treatment are the most common causes of malpractice-related litigations in the practice of rheumatology. Good advice for rheumatologists in preventing possible law suits, and as part of good medical practice, is to adhere to the well-established standard treatment protocols, demonstrate good communication skills, warn patients about the possible adverse drug effects, and undertake proper documentation of the course of events and outcome.

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