Micropolar fluid flow between a non-porous disk and a porous disk with slip: Keller-box solution

Ashwini Bhat, Nagaraj N. Katagi

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In the present analysis, a steady, laminar, incompressible and two-dimensional micropolar fluid flow between a porous disk and a nonporous disk is considered. Similarity transformations are suitably applied to reduce the complex governing equations into a set of nonlinear boundary value problems with velocity slip conditions. An efficient finite difference technique called Keller-box method is employed to obtain the numerical solutions. The aim of this investigation is to study the influence of non-zero tangential slip velocity on velocity, microrotation profiles, and shear stress for different pertinent parameters. The results are then presented in the form of tables and graphs to analyze velocity and microrotation profiles for different physical micropolar parameters, Reynolds number, and slip coefficient. The results are found to be in excellent agreement with earlier findings in the absence of slip.

Original languageEnglish
JournalAin Shams Engineering Journal
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 01-01-2019


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