Morphological and morphometric analysis of supraorbital foramen and supraorbital notch: A study on dry human skulls

L. S. Ashwini, K. G. Mohandas Rao, Sharmila Saran, S. N. Somayaji

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Objectives: A clear knowledge of the location of the maxillo-facial foramina is essential for clinicians while performing endoscopic surgeries and regional nerve blocks. In the present study, a detailed analysis of the supraorbital foramen (SOF) and supraorbital notch (SON) of South Indian skulls is reported and the data are compared with those from other races and regions. Methods: Anatomical variation of SOF/SON was studied in 83 adult human skulls bilaterally, using "travelling Vernier's microscope". The skulls belonged to the cadavers of South Indian origin. The parameters used were distanced between the SON/SOF and the nasal midline; distance between the SON/SOF and the frontozygomatic suture (FZS); shape and height of the SOF; transverse diameter of the SON; the presence of accessory foramina (ACF) and their number; as well as the location and distance from the main SON/SOF. Results: SON was more frequently found than the SOF. The mean distance of SON/SOF to the nasal midline was 22.24 mm on the right side and 22.2 mm on the left side. The mean distance of SON/SOF to the frontozygomatic suture was 29.34 mm on the right side and 28.7 mm on the left side. While the mean height of SOF was 3.5 mm on the right side and 3.04 mm on the left side. Also, the mean transverse diameter of SON was 5.17 mm on the right side and 5.58 mm on the left side. The accessory supraorbital foramina were observed in 66.25% of cases. Conclusion: There is a difference in the position and dimensions of SOF /SON between different races and people of different regions. Anatomical knowledge of SON /SOF is important in facilitating local anesthetic, forehead lifting, blepharoplasty and other craniofacial surgical procedures.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)129-133
Number of pages5
JournalOman Medical Journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 04-04-2012


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