Neuromuscular variations in the posterior triangle of the neck - A case report

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The lower part of the posterior triangle of the neck is one of the important areas of the body because of the presence of brachial plexus. The thorough knowledge of anatomy and anatomical variations in this region are important for surgeons, anesthesiologist and physiotherapists. We report here the neuromuscular variations at the lower part of the posterior triangle of the neck. In the current case, the dorsal scapular nerve made a loop around the deep branch of transverse cervical artery. There was an additional muscle arising from the first rib and getting inserted to the inner surface of the superior angle of the scapula. The long thoracic nerve pierced this additional muscle. The loop of dorsal scapular nerve around the artery may lead to neurovascular symptoms and the abnormal muscle pierced by the long thoracic nerve may cause to neuromuscular symptoms.

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