Neutron-proton transfer reactions leading to T=1 particle-hole states of56Co

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Zero range DWBA analysis for two-particle (neutron and proton) transfer reactions is carried out, using simple shell model structure wave functions for54Fe,56Co and58Ni, with56Ni inert core. In this structure calculation, a microscopic set of two-body interaction matrix elements derived from the non-local separable potential of Tabakin are employed. These matrix elements include in the perturbation theory two corrections (i) the second-order Börn term and (ii) the appropriate core excitations. Unlike the situation in many two-particle transfer reactions, the fragmentation of the reaction strengths to the excited states with respect to the lowest states of same spin and parity in the above transfer processes is satisfactorily borne out from this analysis.

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Publication statusPublished - 04-1980

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