Outcomes and predictors of failure of arteriovenous fistulae for hemodialysis

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Purpose: Arteriovenous fistula(AVF) is preferred vascular access for hemodialysis but has primary failure in 20–60%. Studying predictors of AVF failure would help plan appropriate management.We studied AVF outcomes, clinical and vascular factors predicting their failure in patients requiring hemodialysis. Methods: Retrospective study of patients with AVF creation from January 2017 to December 2018. Outcomes studied were immediate (< 72 h), primary (3 months) AVF failure, six-month/one-year patency, analyzed for predictive clinical, vascular factors as assessed using Pre-operative Doppler Ultrasound(DUS). Results: Of 530 AVFs in 460 patients, DUS was done in 426/530 (80.4%), 349/460 (75.8%) were males, mean age was 53.10 ± 14.54 (18–91), 215/460(46.7%) had Diabetes mellitus(DM), 423/460(92%) hypertension. AVFs were radiocephalic in 79/530 (14.9%), brachiocephalic 418/530 (78.9%), brachiobasilic 33/530 (6.2%). AVF Immediate/Primary failure was seen in 64/530 (12.1%), 90/352 (25.6%); Patency at six months/one year in 253/352(71.8%),191/305 (62.6%), respectively. Older age had less immediate failures (AOR 0.97, CI 0.95–0.99, p 0.03). Feeding arterial diameter predicted immediate and primary failure on univariate analysis [OR 0.64 (95% CI 0.49–0.83), 0.62 (95% CI 0.47–0.89), respectively], but not multivariate. Artery diameter of > 4.0 mm had less failures [immediate (p 0.01), primary (p 0.02)], < 2.0 mm had specificity 95.9% and 95.4% for immediate, primary failure respectively. Conclusion: AVF failure is 12.1%, immediately; 25.6% three months after construction, Patency at 6 months is 71.8%, one year 62.6%. Immediate failures decrease with age. Artery diameters > 4.0 mm had less, < 2.0 mm had more failures.

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JournalInternational Urology and Nephrology
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