Peristaltic mechanism of a Rabinowitsch fluid in an inclined channel with complaint wall and variable liquid properties

Hanumesh Vaidya, C. Rajashekhar, G. Manjunatha, K. V. Prasad

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The present paper emphasizes the impacts of the compliant wall and variable liquid properties on the peristaltic stream of a Rabinowitsch liquid in an inclined channel. The viscosity of the liquid differs over the thickness of the channel, and temperature-dependent thermal conductivity is considered. The perturbation strategy is utilized to solve the governing nonlinear temperature equations. The expressions for the velocity, skin friction coefficient, pressure rise, frictional force, streamline, temperature and coefficient of heat transfer are obtained. The consequences of pertinent parameters on the velocity, temperature, streamline and coefficient of heat transfer for the dilatant, Newtonian and pseudoplastic liquid models are analysed graphically. The results obtained for velocity and temperature reveal that an expansion in the estimation of variable viscosity results in diminishing the velocity and temperature fields for shear thickening liquid. Furthermore, it is noticed that for a large value of thermal conductivity the temperature profile decreases for dilatant, Newtonian and pseudoplastic fluid models.

Original languageEnglish
Article number52
JournalJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2019


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  • Mechanical Engineering

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