Soft tissue profile around dental implants placed in the aesthetic zone - A biological update

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The success attained with endosseous implants is well documented in the literature but complications are inevitable due to high risk factors associated with bacterial related breakdown of osseointegration and peri-implant mucosa. It is now apparent that maintenance of a complete seal of the gingival cuff around implants is paramount for achieving predictable outcomes, as there is no room for error when multiple implants are being placed in the maxillary anterior region. However, the restorative dentist not only faces a challenge in restoring missing teeth but also the missing volume of three-dimensional gingival envelope encompassing them. CPD/Clinical Relevance: This article has focused on the comprehensive understanding and integration of various biological elements that are imperative in the rapidly advancing field of implantology.

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JournalDental update
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 01-03-2018


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