Soot Oxidation Studies on SrMn0.98B0.02O3 (B - Fe, Ni) Perovskites

Hari Prasad Uppara, Armaan Feroz, Nithin Samuel John, Sunit Kumar Singh, Nitin K. Labhsetwar, Harshini Dasari

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In this paper, the performance of SrMn0.98B0.02O3 (B = Fe, Ni) perovskites was evaluated for catalytic soot oxidation applications. All the samples exhibited a nano-crystalline hexagonal structure (XRD analysis) with the crystal sizes ranges 30 to 46 nm. XPS analysis reveals the presence of multiple valence states of Ni cations (Ni2+/Ni3+) and Mn cations (Mn4+/Mn3+) cations with the divalent strontium and trivalent iron cation on the surface of the perovskites. O2-TPD analysis infers that the sample SrMn0.98Ni0.02O3 showed the highest quantity of surface adsorbed oxygen molecules (78.87 μmol.g-1) followed by SrMnO3 sample (72.16 μmol.g-1). Furthermore, the soot-TPR analysis confirms that the sample SrMn0.98Ni0.02O3 shown the higher catalytic activity than SrMn0.98Fe0.02O3due to synergetic effect between Mn - Ni cations, the higher reducibility tendency of the metal ions and the higher quantity of active oxygen species initiated the structural defects in the catalysts. The superior catalytic activity of soot oxidation of the as-synthesized samples was observed in the order of SrMn0.98Ni0.02O3> SrMn0.98Fe0.02O3>SrMnO3>bare soot.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012008
JournalIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 28-10-2019
Event2019 3rd International Conference on Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing, ICMIM 2019 - Incheon, Korea, Republic of
Duration: 19-08-201922-08-2019

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