Spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmas: Setting up of high-performance laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy system

V. K. Unnikrishnan, Kamlesh Alti, Rajesh Nayak, Bernard Rodney Bernard, V. B. Kartha, C. Santhosh, G. P. Gupta, B. M. Suri

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It is a well-known fact that laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) has emerged as one of the best analytical techniques for multi-elemental compositional analysis of samples. We report assembling and optimization of LIBS set up using high resolution and broad-range echelle spectrograph coupled to an intensified charge coupled device (ICCD) to detect and quantify trace elements in environmental and clinical sam- ples. Effects of variations of experimental parameters on spectroscopy signals of copper and brass are reported. Preliminary results of some plasma diagnostic calculations using recorded time-resolved optical emission signals are also reported for brass samples.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1145-1150
Number of pages6
JournalPramana - Journal of Physics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 01-01-2010


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  • Physics and Astronomy(all)

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