Status, trends and significance of parabolic trough technology in the changing heat transportation scenario

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This study gives a comprehensive overview about the recent advances related with the heat transfer augmentation techniques, absorber and cover treatment, direct absorption receiver, trough geometry and natural circulation loop applicable to parabolic trough collector. The papers reviewed including theoretical, numerical and experimental up to date works with special focus on passive heat transport systems. It was found that the use of inserts is justified in laminar flow. All nanofluids viz. conventional, eco-friendly, hybrid and magnetic type have the basic drawback of agglomeration effect. Both absorber and cover modification resulted in efficiency enhancement at the cost of pumping power/system complexity. If absorption tendency of flowing particle in direct absorption receiver is resolved, the technology is worth to imply. The concept of non-uniform heat flux application in indoor setups is also dealt with. Further, implementation of natural circulation loop in parabolic trough is the notable advancement as it is self-powered and self-sustained mechanism.

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JournalSolar Energy
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